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Peer learning & Case based discussion


Starts Jun 12, 2022

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With the onset of the pandemic, the world of work has undergone many changes. Organizations that weren’t keen on going digital started showing a mindset of being digitally driven. And, for those that were digitally inclined, the transition to the new way of working wasn’t too difficult. In a continuously evolving business environment, HR plays a critical role in ensuring an organization is equipped to digitize. Professionals in this space need to upskill and develop the ability to effectively utilize digital HR to succeed in their job and drive business performance.

The Digital Transformation in HR masterclass series will provide you with an in-depth overview of the key trends, issues, and methods involved in strategically implementing digital HR. Drawing on real-world case studies and recent research, you’ll discover effective digital HR adoption strategies and develop the technological capabilities needed to enhance employee management and productivity. The live masterclass sessions will help you gain the adoption, change, and risk management skills required to foster stakeholder trust while implementing solutions that alter the digital cultural landscape of an organization.

The World We Live In

Understanding Work, Workplace and Workforce and how the World of Work is evolving

Digital HR Transformation (the WHY)

Accelerating Business Impact and productivity

Future of Work

What’s shaping the World of Work

The Digital HR Strategy

HR Tech Implementation and Leading Change

Digital HR Transformation

Elements of Design and Design Framework. A human-centric and agile mindset that focuses beyond designing programs or processes to create meaningful experiences

Employee Experience

Employee Experience in the Digital World. Experience as an essential factor for company success

Learning Goals

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